EZSpeech will help your child to exercise at home. Artificial Intelligence provides guidance to make the process effective  and entertaining

EZSpeech: Your virtual speech therapist

EZSpeech helps your child to practice oral motor exercises and articulation without your direct supervision


Artificial intelligence interprets movements of facial muscle and sound production and assesses accuracy of performance. Realtime feedback and tailored instructions enable your kid to understand the errors made and how to correct them. Masks and animation serve the kid as native help and guidance


Each exercise is graded on a scale 1-100 with overall grading assigned as follows: Super - 90-100% correct, Good - 70-90% correct, Nice try - 40-70% correct and Too many mistakes -below 40% correct. Stats and progress reports enables you and your SLP to monitor the overall progress of the kid, as well as performance by module and specific exercises and practices

Sound assessment

EZSpeech assesses correctness of sound pronunciation. We have separate testing for sounds at the beginning of the word, in the middle and at the end

Sound "B" at the beginning of the word

Sound "B" in the middle of the word

Sound "B" at the end of the word

Exercises are grouped into 8 modules

Covering all muscles of speech apparatus:

Bilabial: p, b, m, w, a, u, e, o

Labio-dental: f, v

Interdental: th (voice and voiceless)

Alveolar: t, d, s, z, n, l, r

Alveolar-palatal: sh, ch, zh, j

Palatal: j

Velar: k, g, ng

Glottal: h

Individual plan of care is presented as an adventure path

Speech therapist and a character demonstrate the exercise on preloader

Monitor your child's progress

EZSpeech provides you with the status of your child development as well as the analytics on how your child progresses towards the goals

How does it work?

Artificial Intelligence guides your child throughout the entire process of speech therapy exercises, starting from demonstration of an exercise, assistance in performing, correcting mistakes and till the assessment of result.

Statistics and progress reports, generated by AI, will enable your SLP to adjust your treatment.

Benefits of Virtual SLP

Our Virtual SLP is not a substitution of a real one.

The App facilitates performance of your child's daily home exercises between the visits to your SLP, enabling your child to achieve faster results 

Computer vision can detect minor muscles invisible to a human to enable a child to perform exercise correctly without supervision of parent of SLP

Use of the App is as safe as any on-line schooling

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